Miniature 'flowers in a watering can’ tutorial

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08 March 2022
Learn how to make this pretty, 1/12th scale rustic-look watering can and floral arrangement in this quick-make project by Sadie Brown using polymer clay – the perfect addition to your dolls house or garden miniature scene.  

Get ready to welcome brighter days with a burst of colour by creating your own version of ‘spring in a can’ – Sadie Brown shows you how in just five steps! 

DIY miniature watering can flower arrangement 

By Sadie Brown

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You will need


  • Polymer clay in white, sunflower yellow and light pink 
  • Acrylic paints in metallic bronze, terracotta, burnt umber, black, grass green and phthalo green 
  • 1/12th scale watering can 
  • 1mm jewellery wire 
  • Self-adhesive landscape flower tufts 
  • All-purpose glue 
  • Matte varnish 


  • Small brushes 
  • Needle tool 
  • Jewellery wire cutters  


1. Mix metallic bronze acrylic paint with terracotta, burnt umber and just a dash of black to create a rusty shade. Coat a 1/12th scale metal watering can thoroughly. As this is to give the can its aged, rusty e­ffect, try and give the paint a slightly textured look using a rough brush.  

1/12th scale watering can with paintbrush

2. Roll tiny tubes of polymer clay in white and pink, creating a point at each end. Flatten with a fingernail to create petals and arrange in a flower formation. For the large daisies, just one layer of white petals is required, with a second layer of smaller petals for the pink flowers. Add a small ball of sunflower yellow clay, flattened slightly to the centre of each daisy. You can also make a couple of roses by flattening balls of pale pink clay with a fingernail, levering them from your work surface with a needle tool. Roll the first petal into a cone shape and build the rose by adding the rest of the petals around that central core. Bake and allow to cool.  

Polymer clay flowers

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3. Cut a small length of 1mm jewellery wire to create a single flower stem. Coat with mixed grass green and phthalo green acrylic paint. Allow to dry and coat this and the flowers with matte varnish. Glue a daisy to the top of the stem.  

Wire flower stem and green acrylic paint

4. Using a variety of seasonal colours, cover the top of the watering can with carefully cut and small pieces of self-adhesive landscape flower tufts.  

Filled 1/12th scale rustic watering can

5. Glue the flowers over the top of the flower tufts to create the final ‘bouquet’ e­ffect. 

1/12th scale rustic watering can with polymer clay floral arrangement

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