Miniature French Boudoir - Get the look right for the modern doll house

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22 August 2011
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Furnishing a contemporary dolls house means you can have fun with the latest design styles in miniature, all for the fraction of the price of renovating your real full-sized home. ...
Miniature French Boudoir - Get the look right for the modern doll house Images

Think 'ooh la la' and picture the Moulin rouge and you are heading in the right direction for this look. French boudoir is all about romance and opulence teamed with vintage-styled French furniture. It really is a mix and match look, combining the elegance of vintage French style with modern touches in crystal, glass, mirroring and wrought iron - this is where the white wire furniture comes into its own! Whether you use it au natural, or paint it black or silver, white wire dolls house furniture can be used in any room of the house to bring this decorating scheme to life.

The idea is to over do the silk and satin look fabric for bedding and curtains to create elaborate swagging and paint walls in light shades as a calming backdrop to the racey furnishings you are going to use.

  • Key colours are black, white and silver
  • Key features are crystal, mirrors, glass, animal prints, hearts and flock.


Here Jane Kubiesa has gathered together 10 different items to complete the look, all available from miniature makers.

  • 4 Poster Bed from Peter Tucker. Website:
  • Candelabra from Glass craft. Website:




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  • Tiger skin needlepoint carpet kit from Janet Granger. Webstie:  
  • French cheval mirror from Howes of Prieur. Website:
  • Flock wallpaper from Jennifer's Free Printable Dolls House Wallpaper. Website:      



  • White wire chair from the Dolls House Emporium. Website:
  • French style furniture also from the Dolls House Emporium.


  • Leopard print chaise longue and matching chair, sofa and curtains from the studio of Deb Roberts. Website:





  • Animal print glassware from Barbara Schuckman. Website:    
  • Black & gold table made by Something for the Wickend. Website:


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