Miniature hot cross buns tutorial using polymer clay

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24 February 2021
miniature hot cross buns in polymer clay Miniature hot cross buns in polymer clay by Kelly Murdie.
Celebrate Easter in 1/12th scale with this charming project... Kelly Murdie of Dinky Diner Miniatures shows you how to make a delicious platter of miniature hot cross buns for your dolls house or miniature scene using polymer clay!

Follow the six simple step-by-step instructions to create four realistic miniature hot cross buns – the perfect Easter addition to your dolls house or miniature scene! 

Miniature hot cross buns tutorial 

By Kelly Murdie.

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  • Polymer clay – white, translucent white, chocolate, Windsor blue, tropical green, tangerine, black, champagne, ochre, magenta and lemon yellow
  • Soft pastels – ochre, pale terracotta, terracotta and burnt Sienna
  • Acrylic paint – green and yellow
  • Fimo Liquid gel
  • Fimo Clear Gloss varnish 
  • Dried semolina
  • Poppy seeds
  • Ball of tin foil 
  • PVA glue 
  • Wooden circular boards/discs (40mm in diameter)
  • Small piece of 1/12th scale printed fabric
  • 1/12th scale glass butter dish
  • 1/12th scale dinner knife (part of a cutlery set)

Tools required

  • Cutting pliers
  • Long thin needle tool (or pin)
  • Craft knife/razor blade
  • Glass/tile work surface
  • Roller
  • Nail art dotting tool 
  • Fine artist's paintbrushes 

Fimo mixing guide (ratio)

  • Ochre mix: Ochre (1), Champagne
  • Hot cross bun mix: Translucent white (10), White (1), Ochre mix (1)
  • Butter mix: Translucent white (1), plsu equal, but tiny amounts of white and lemon yellow clay


1. Begin by mixing the hot cross bun mix clay and add some dried semolina and poppy seeds (not too much though). The clay still needs to be pliable and be mindful that there are only a few raisins inside each hot cross bun. 

2. Divide the mixture into four even-sized balls and position together, as pictured, making sure they're touching.

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3. To add a bit of texture to each bun, press each ball slightly with a piece of scrunched up tin foil. Next, using a thin needle tool gently trace along where each of the clay balls touch to create a smooth join. 

4. In each of the hot cross buns, trace a place sign (north, south, east and west) using a thin needle tool. Using a small amount of each of the pastel colours, dust the top of the buns with a soft paintbrush.

Next, cut the outer outside edges of the hot cross bun square (see picture for guidance) then separate each of the buns along the joins you made in step three. Score into the buns where you made the slices to created a crumbled effect. Bake for ten minutes.  

5. Mix together some translucent white clay with a small amount of the ochre mix. Smear the tops of the hot cross buns with a thin layer of liquid Fimo.

Next, roll out a thin cable of the clay and cut eight small pieces, thin enough to make cross shapes in the hot cross buns. Using the fine end of the dotting tool, make dotting patterns over the cross lines, smoothing as you go to attach them seamlessly in the cross-shaped grooves you made in step four.

6. Condition the butter mix clay and attach a small piece inside the glass butter dish using a thin smear of Liquid Fimo. For added realism, add texture to the butter by creating spreading patterns with your knife. Bake in the oven for five minutes and set aside to cool.

Next, paint the remaining wooden board with approximately three layers of yellow acrylic paint (allowing time to dry between each coat). Once dry, put a dab of PVA glue on one half of the board and lay the piece of fabric on top, crumpling it up slightly, then 'painting' it in place with a thin layer of PVA glue. Attach each of the hot cross buns with a small dab of PVA glue underneath and position in place. Glue the butter dish and the knife into place.

Finished hot cross buns in polymer clay

Once everything is set in place, 'paint' the surface of the hot cross buns with clear gloss varnish and leave to dry. 

miniature Easter cake and hot cross buns

Enjoyed making these realistic-looking hot cross buns? Why not make some miniature strawberry jam to go with it?!

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