Miniature love letter necklace using polymer clay

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09 February 2022
In this tutorial Ruth Thompson shares how to create a love letter necklace using polymer clay from her book, 20 to Craft: Kawaii Charms in Polymer Clay...

An ideal birthday or anniversary present, make a gift from the heart for that special someone, in your life in just nine steps!

20 to craft: Kawaii Charms in Polymer Clay

The extract is taken from 20 to Craft: Kawaii Charms in Polymer Clay by Ruth Thompson, Search Press. Ruth Thompson shows you how to create 20 cute miniature charms and trinkets out of polymer clay. As well as learning how to colour the clay and add super-cute expressions, there's also advice on how to turn your charms into wearable jewellery. If you love this project you can get the book from our online shop WITH an automatic 10% off just for being you, PLUS free UK P+P! 

Miniature love letter necklace tutorial

You will need


  • White polymer clay
  • Red polymer clay
  • Black polymer clay
  • Chalk pastels
  • Necklace chain
  • Jump ring 


  • Dotting tool
  • Needle tool
  • Blade
  • Heart cutter
  • Pliers


1. Roll out a sheet of white clay with a thickness of approximately 3mm (1/8in).

2. Using a blade, cut a rectangle approximately 25mm (1in) wide and 20mm (¾in) high.

3. Then, using the side of a needle tool, indent the clay with a triangle connecting the top corners of the rectangle in the middle.

4. Indent two more lines connecting the bottom corners of the rectangle to the triangle you just made.

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5. Using a cutter, cut a heart out of red clay and place this on the tip of the triangle in the centre.

6. Add a face using black clay and chalk pastels.

7. Next, using a needle or dotting tool, poke a hole in one of the top corners of the envelope.

8. Bake your charm and allow to cool completely.

9. Attach a jump ring to the hole in the envelope charm using pliers and string it onto a necklace chain.

Don't forget to pick up your copy of 20 to Craft: Kawaii Charms in Polymer Clay for the full range of Ruth Thompson's projects!

While you sit and wait for your book to arrive, continue to explore the possibilities of using polymer clay in your dolls house or miniature scene! Why not make a miniature unicorn cake or some miniature strawberry cupcakes to continue the celebrations?!

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