Miniature Union Jack tea cosy & table runner – crochet tutorial

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06 May 2022
Learn how to make the perfect miniature tea cosy and table runner for your dolls house Jubilee tea party in this crochet tutorial by Ann Kearney...

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DIY miniature table runner and tea cosy

By Ann Kearney of Ann's Crochet Miniatures

UK abbreviations

  • ch = chain
  • dc = double crochet
  • htr = half treble
  • tr = treble
  • ss = slip stitch
  • tch = turning ch
  • ca1tr = counts as 1tr

N.B: Pattern written using UK terminology. US terms are shown here:

  • double crochet (dc) (UK) = single crochet (sc) (US)
  • half treble (htr) (UK) = half double crochet (US)
  • treble (tr) (UK) = double crochet (dc) (US)
  • miss (UK) = skip (sk) (US) 

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Union Jack tea cosy

You will need

  • 0.60mm hook
  • 1ply cotton, DMC80s or Venne Colcotton

Download pattern


Please note: The tea cosy is worked sideways throughout. So that the work doesn’t tangle too much, use main ball of blue, approximately two metre lengths of red and white, and a second one metre length of blue, carrying the unused threads neatly across the back of the work. Always join in the new colour on the final part of the dc in the previous colour.  

Row 1: Starting with the main ball of blue make 15ch and work 1dc into each ch to end. (14dcs)

Rows 2 – 16: Now work from the chart, starting with the foundation row, joining in the short length of blue for the last few stitches, and dropping the short length of blue in row 14.

Row 17: Making the hole for the spout or handle, continue with blue only, work 1dc into the first 5 dcs, make 3 ch, miss 4 dcs, work 1dc into each dc to end.

Row 18: 1dc into each dc and ch to end (13dcs). Note that the back of the cosy has one less stitch as it will be looser than the front. 

Continue in blue only until 31 rows have been worked, right side is facing. To gather the top of the cosy, don't turn, but work along the long side as follows:

Row 1: 1ch, 1dc into 1st row end, *miss 1 row end, 1dc into next row end, repeat from * to end (15dc), turn.

Row 2: 1ch, 1dc into 1st dc, *2ch, miss 1dc, 1dc into next dc, repeat from * to end, turn.

Row 3: 3ch (ca1tr), (1tr 2ch 1tr) into each ch sp to end, fasten off leaving an end for sewing. Darn ends. Using white cotton, outline each diagonal red stripe. Sew up the seam, leaving an opening for the handle or spout.

To make a tie for the top of the cosy, use two strands of each colour, thread through the holes made on row 2 and tie neatly. Cut off ends to form a tassel.

Oval Jubilee table runner

You will need

The size of the table runner is 3-1⁄2x1in (90x25mm), but this can be adjusted by adding more or less pattern rows.

  • 0.60mm hook
  • 1ply cotton in white (main) and a small length of blue and red

With white, make 10ch and work (2tr 2ch 2tr) into 7th ch from hook, turn.

Pattern row: 3ch (ca1tr), miss 2tr (2tr 2ch 2tr) into 2ch loop, 1tr into top of tch. Repeat pattern row another 16 times or to desired length.

N.B: At this point the work measures about 1⁄2in (13mm) less than the finished length.

Next row: 1ch, 1dc into 1st tr, 3ch, 1dc into 2ch loop, 3ch, 1dc into top of tch. Do not turn, but work along the long side as follows:  

Next row: 3ch (ca1tr), 2trs into each end tr sp to end, work 7trs into next end space, 7tr into next end sp on the short side, 2tr into each end tr down the other long side, 7tr into each loop of the second short end and ss to close.  

Next round: Break white, join in red to any stitch and work 1dc into each tr to end, ss to close and fasten off.  

Next round: Rejoin white into any stitch and work 1dc into each dc to end, fasten off.  

Next round: Join in blue and work 1dc into 1st dc, *miss 1dc, 2ch 1dc into next dc, repeat from * to end, ss to close and fasten off.  

© Ann’s Crochet Miniatures 

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