Miniature Valentine's cake using polymer clay

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03 February 2022
Fall in love with Valentine's Day cake in small scale and create this 'delicious' miniature cake using polymer clay by Sadie Brown...

In this tutorial, Sadie Brown shows you how to create a wonderful miniature Valentine's cake for your dolls house or miniature scene. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to celebrate the sweetest time of the year...

Miniature Valentine's cake tutorial

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You will need


  • White, yellow and pink polymer clay
  • Sculpey Bake & Bond (or similar)
  • Permanent marker pens with fine point in two shades of pink
  • Craft glue
  • Old 1/12th scale bamboo basket
  • Pink holographic ribbon


  • 2cm round sugarcraft cutter
  • Roller or glass
  • Old butter knife
  • Needle tool
  • 1cm heart shaped plunger cutters
  • Small ball tool
  • Craft knife


1. Mix white polymer clay with just a tiny amount of yellow to make a very pale cream. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 1

2. Roll the cream clay out to around 11/2mm in thickness. Repeat with pink clay and use a 2cm round sugarcraft cutter to cut out four circles of each. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 2

3. Take one of the pink circles and use a roller or a glass to make it a little bit larger than the others. This will form the base for the completed cake. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 3

4. Take the four cream and three remaining pink circles and carefully stack them alternatively, starting with cream at the bottom. Roll the stack on its side a little to adhere the layers together for a more realistic appearance. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 4

5. Use an old butter knife to mix Sculpey Bake & Bind or similar with some of the cream clay. Take your time over this to ensure the final mixture is smooth like buttercream icing. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 5

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6. Spread the icing mixture over the top of the cake with a needle tool. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 6

7. Roll out some further pink clay to 6mm and 1mm in thickness. Use a 1cm plunge cutter to press out two hearts from the 1mm thick clay. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 7

8. Make a selection of very tiny heart shapes for decoration by first rolling both some cream and pink clay into tiny carrot shapes. Flatten these with a fingernail then use a needle tool or a small ball tool to form a dip in the top to create the heart shape. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 8

9. To make the candy stick decorations, begin by rolling two thin tubes of clay, one cream and one pink, and twist together forming a rope. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 9

10. Roll the rope of clay into a smooth tube 1mm in thickness and cut three lengths, two around 1.2cm and one 9mm. Cut a further length and use your fingers to twist into a tiny heart shape. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 10

11. Take the 1mm thick heart decoration from step 7 and decorate very simply, using permanent marker pens in two different shades of pink with fine points to create a polka dot effect. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 11

12. Stick the polka dot heart to the top of the layered cake with craft glue, carefully positioning it slightly at an angle. You might find you need to rest something against it while the glue dries to ensure that it doesn't fall over. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 12

13. Cut three short lengths in three sizes from an old 1/12th scale bamboo basket to make the stems for the other heart shaped decorations required for the layer cake. Glue a tiny heart to each of the two short stems and the candy stick heart to the longest. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 13

14. While the stems are drying, take some pink holographic ribbon, such as from an old gift bow, and cut to size wrapping around the cake board made in step 3. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 14

15. Use a needle tool to very carefully make three tiny holes in the 'buttercream icing' on top of the layered cake. Glue the heart shaped decorations into position, also adding the shorter of the three candy stick lengths. 

Miniature Valentine's cake step 15

Top tip! Sadie says... "Why not adapt the colour scheme for other celebrations throughout the year? Swap the hearts for Easter eggs or ghosts and have fun creating a design unique to you!"

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