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20 January 2011
imports_HAC_tucker-flat-with-led-lighting_86404.jpg Modern Dolls House Lights of Peter Tucker
Selecting the right lights to achieve the perfect feel and look to your miniature scene can be challenging. Peter Tucker took on this challenge by making his own modern lights when he turned his thoughts to producing modern miniatures and room box scenes. ...
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Peter started to concentrate on modern miniature structures about 10 years ago, primarily from the Art Deco period to today. He knows that in 20th and 21st century room settings, lighting plays a vital role where careful selection and placement of lighting can make all the difference to the success of the scene. It quickly became apparent that if he wanted suitable lighting and furniture to go with the modern rooms he was making, then he would have to make them himself. Most of his furniture and lights are of his own design and tend to be one of a kind.

Tracking down suitable white LEDs was not an easy job in 2002. More recently Peter uses dozens of tiny LEDs to bathe his room boxes and scenes with indirect and reflected lighting, all of which could not be used if access to bulbs for replacing would be required. Because some of these LEDs are so tiny he is able to put lights inside furniture like display shelving using very fine wire which when painted over almost disappers from view.

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For Peter Tucker, modern miniatures, rooms, furnishings and lights present constant new challenges and endless possibilities. Many more rooms, modern lights and furniture can be seen on his website: Peter accepts commissions and can work from photos, descriptions, sketches or start from scratch.


If you have enjoyed reading this feature, the full article by Peter Tucker is published in issue 199 of Dolls House and Miniature Scene. So you never miss an exciting issue, why not take out a subscription on line today.