Scandi-style in miniature: an interview with Ollie’s Dollhouse

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28 January 2021
We talk to Marloes Oliedam of Ollie’s Dollhouse who shares her modern, uber trendy Scandi-style designs and how she got into the wonderful world of miniatures!

Lovers of contemporary miniature design you’re in for a treat with Marloes’ calming style, clean lines and muted colours. Her Scandi-style miniatures are stunning – find out how it all started with kitchen taps! Enjoy…

Marloes Oliedam making miniatures in the garage

How did the world of miniatures begin for you?

I’ve been making miniatures for 3½ years now. It all started with buying a second-hand dolls house for my youngest daughter Flori. It came with lots of carpet in various colours in the house, so the first day we had it I started to remove it and painted it all white. It made me think, 'where do people buy nice, modern pieces for a dolls house?' 

After I did some research, I changed my question to ‘how do I make modern dolls house items?’, because I couldn't find what I was looking for. My father came to our house and had some ideas about a kitchen that he wanted to make the tap for it since he loves working with metal and steel. He also bought me my first sawing machine to make some smaller items. I really enjoyed making it and added a photo on Facebook in a group for dolls house makers (owned by Lolkje’s Dollhouse at the time). Also, the tap my father made was in the photo and so many people were asking if I would sell them. I think he had to make 250 small taps!

Ollies Dollhouse Scandi style dollshouse

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What made you want to start a business?

Lolkje of Lolkje’s Dollhouse works near my house and she wanted to come and see me and my miniatures for herself. We were discussing what to make and she said ‘do you have an Instagram account?’ I didn’t then, but I do now and I’ve also created a website because I was always busy answering questions via Instagram and letting people know what I could make. They can now see what I sell on the website. My whole collection actually started with special requests – people letting me know what they wanted and asking if I could make it. Now it’s more standardised.

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Ollies Dollhouse rooms

What inspires your miniatures?

I get my inspiration from photos customers send me – I love it when customers come to me with a photo – and also from Pinterest. There are about 10,000 photos of dolls house items saved on my phone so I have a lot to choose from! I love the Scandinavian style.

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What do you enjoy making most?

I make kitchens and all sorts of furniture, but also macrame items and plants. I bought a pottery machine to try something new. 

Ollies Dollhouse Scandi-style bedroom furniture birdseye

“There are about 10,000 photos of dolls house items saved on my phone!”

Where do you make your minis?

Because I saw a lot, I mostly work from the garage. The packing of the orders and sewing I do in my office, which is located behind the garage. It’s also my children’s play room! They love to create, too. 

Ollies Dollhouse Scandi-style kitchen

Find out more:

Instagram: @ollies.dollhouse

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