How to create miniature soup from polymer clay

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03 January 2023
Quick make project; Learn how to create a miniature winter soup from polymer clay for your dolls house or miniature scene!

This simple project by Sadie Brown will prove to be the perfect finishing touch for any winter kitchen table.

You will need:

  • Polymer clay in orange, cream, Bordeaux, brown, beige, dark green and apple green
  • Pastels in brown, red,red ochre and dark orange cadmium
  • Sculpey Bake & Bond (or similar)
  • Gloss varnish
  • 1/12th scale ceramic soup bowl
  • Needle
  • Small brush
  •  Craft knife

1 Take orange and cream clay for carrot and parsnip canes, cutting into 1mm squares.

2 Mix beige clay with cream clay to create cooked white beans. For the kidney beans mix Bordeaux with a little brown. Shape into individual beans measuring about 2mm in length.

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3 Take a deep green clay and mix in a little lighter shade here and there with some apple green clay which has been mixed with a small amount of brown. Use a needle to flake the clay into small pieces of cabbage/kale. Bake all the separate ingredients.

4 Use red, red ochre, dark orange cadmium and brown grated pastel mixed with Bake & Bond to create a realistic colour for the soup. Add the mixture to a 1/12th scale ceramic bowl. If you want to be sure of the colour, bake a test sample of the mixture.

5 Add all the different ingredients to the bowl, scattering unevenly across the top. Place in the oven and bake. Once cooled, coat with gloss varnish.


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