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16 May 2011
imports_HAC_leannebartlettwithprot_68513.gif Leanne Bartlett with prototype modern home
Leanne Bartlett launched The Contemporary Home in Miniature in 2010 as a direct response to a gap in the dolls house collectors' market. ...
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From a very early age, Leanne Bartlett has always had an interest in artistic persuits, and dolls houses have allowed her to indulge her passion for contemporary design, colour, pattern and texture all in one little place.

From her first dolls house as a child, Leanne has always sought to improve on the design and add those finishing details which lift the dolls house out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Having been an avid builder and furnisher of dolls houses for a number of years, she became frustrated at the lack of modern design, so decided the only solution was to build her own.

Enlisting the help of her father who had for many years been an aircraft engineer and prolific DIY-er, with his technical skills she finally realised her dream of creating innovative and cutting edge designs for contemporary dolls houses.


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Once the house has been designed, cut out and constructed, Leanne can set about designing an exciting and inventive interior right down to the smallest detail. Including producing soft furnishings and adapting and converting old objects into new, exciting miniature interior design touches.


A professional hairdresser for 20 years, Leanne has also refurbished several of her own full-sized properties over the years. In scaling down to dolls houses, she returned to her childhood interest in miniatures and has found an outlet for her design creativity. Leanne sees the dolls house collectors market as a shifting dynamic with more younger people becoming interested in collecting miniature properties. To cater for their needs, she continues to design a variety of both contempoary houses and shops in response to their increasing demand.

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