The Weird & Wonderful Dolls House Miniatures of Jenny & Mike Kelm

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04 February 2011
imports_HAC_kkm-bookcase_84623.jpg The Weird & Wonderful Dolls House Miniatures of Jenny & Mike Kelm
According to Jenny it all started as a hobby. She originally collected for her own dolls house and then joined a club. The miniature group she belongs to now are used to her joining in a project but adapting it into something for a witch or wizzard! Her hobby has turned into a successful miniature business selling weird and wonderful items to dolls house enthusiasts around the globe. ...
The Weird & Wonderful Dolls House Miniatures of Jenny & Mike Kelm Images

When asked "what do you make?", it always poses a problem for Jenny, especially if the person asking the question has never been to a dolls house fair or thinks that dolls houses are just for children! "Today I've been making glowing eyeballs, skulls and dead flowers" may be her truthful if slightly strange answer.


Jenny is always attempting to create something different in miniature and has many new ideas each day with a huge 'to do' list.


She started selling her unusual dolls house miniatures on eBay to test the waters and see if anyone was interested in her wares. It was a success and she now has a number of regular customers across the world.


Husband Mike started making his own miniature items between work, and these too proved to be popular. A couple of years earlier, Jenny took him to his first dolls house fair to show him that it was possible to buy everything in miniature that you can buy in the normal world. Mike works as an art director in the film industry where he specialises in models and props, and it was his work on the Terry Pratchett films for Sky TV that had the most profound influence on the creation of Kastle Kelm Miniatures.

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Their eldest daughter Samantha has recently joined the family firm with her own range of miniature paintings. The future plans are to create a range of 1/24th scale items to add to their ever expanding 1/12th scale weird and wonderful miniatures.

Jenny and Mike now work as a team creating their delightfully wacky and unusual miniature items. Some of these are photographed here.  If you want to contact Mike or Jenny, their details are below.

Tel: 01442 400648

Email: [email protected] 


If you've enjoyed reading about Kastle Kelm Miniatures, the complete article with lots more photos was published in issue 200 of Dolls House & Miniature Scene. Why not order yourself a copy of the magazine here, or better still, why not take out a subscription so that you never miss another issue.

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