Top 10 Victorian Classics in Miniature - Part 2

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18 August 2011
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Jane Kubiesa brings you ten more authentic Victorian must-have miniatures to make your 1/12th scale doll house as realistic as possible. ...
Top 10 Victorian Classics in Miniature - Part 2 Images

Possibly the most popular era in history to recreate in 1/12th scale, the Victorian age was rich in both mainstream and revival style. With so many styles to choose from, Gothic, Chinoiserie, Japonaise, Egyptienne or Classical, the Victorian home was sure to delight and amazed all who entered. Here we reveal 10 more must-haves for the dolls house Victoriana collector.

11 Debenham and Hewitt Sociable

Basically a set of linked seats which usually came in 2 or 3 seat combinations. Sitters were joined at the arm but facing in opposite directions. Mahogany or walnut was the wood of choice for these chairs. They were heavily padded, with ornamental fretwork and fringing. This 2 seated, and 3 seated versions, are created by Heidi and Gary Masters of Masters Miniatures. Website:

12 A.W.N. Pugin Sideboard

The sideboard was a key part of the dining room and was used to display the best china and silver. With August Welby Northmore Pugin's near fanaticism for Gothic revival, this style found its way into many homes. After all, if Pugin was good enough to design the interior of the Houses of Parliament, he was good enough for any home with social pretensions. This sideboard is artisan made by Mini Bijou. Website:


13 Copper Kitchenware

Look at images of Victorian kitchens large and small, and you can't help but notice an array of gleaming copper pots and pans on display. Copper pans were coated in tin on the inside to stop copper acetate being released during the cooking processes. A whole host of copperware was called for from pots, fish kettles, and roasting dishes, to dessert moulds, cream settters, milk measures and preserving pans. These examples are available from the Dolls House Cottage Workshop. Website:

14 Leamington Kitchener

The closed stove was a revolutionary development for victorian cooking and the Leamington Kitchener in particular was the model of choice for the best homes. Mrs Beaton even favoured this model in her famous book of Household Management. This version in 1/12th scale is handmade by Dolls House Wallpaper. Website:


15 Debain Harmonium

Also known as a parlour organ, reed organ or pump organ, the harmonium was invented in the 1840's by Alexandre Debain and vied for position with the newly designed upright piano. Unlike the piano, this was lighteweight and easy to transport and didn't need re-tuning. This faithful reproduction in miniature is in kit form from Chrysnbon and is supplied by Jennifer's of Walsall. Website:

16 The Chesterfield

The Chesterfield wing back chair was the Marmite of the Victorian age. Opinion was divided about whether this masculine fireside chair heralded new levels of comfort or whether its rippling buttoned leather masked the fact that it was an artistically ugly piece! These examples are made to order by Kris Compas with your choice of fabric, leather, and finishing touches. Website:

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17 Toilet Table

The toilet table was an important part of life before bathrooms and running water became commonplace later in Victoria's reign. Separate models were used for ladies and gentlemen. This feminie version is available from Devises Antiques and Collectables. Website:

18 Ormolu

Ormolu is a mixture of gold and mercury used to coat bronze or copper objects. Victorian ormolu left the dainty decoration of previous encarnations of gilt bronze behind and was crammed with heavy, over the top detailing. Candlesticks, picture frames, clocks and object d'art became swamped with ormolu. Lucy Askew has a range of gilt picture frames and looking glasses fit to furnish even the grandest of miniature houses. Website:


19 Balloon Back Chair

No dining room, bedroom or parlour would have been complete without at least one balloon back chair. The design to showcase in your home, the balloon back was de rigeur with its plain back legs, shaped or turned front legs and characteristic oval back which was often carved. The seat was heavily stuffed and covered in either buttoned leather or a heavy tapestry in dark colours. This chair is made from the Chrysnbon Victorian Chair Kit which is available from Maple Street. Website:

20 Lincrusta

Any fashionable Victorian home would have decked their hallway walls with Lincrusta. This newly invented wall covering was heard wearing being constructed from canvas covered with wood flour and linseed oil, but it was also highly decorative due to its heavily embossed design. Jennifer's of Walsall sells this fibreglass decorative covering which can be cut to size and even curved round corners due to it's flexibility. Website:

The first part of this Top 20 Victorian classics along with all the other Top 10 and Top 20 design classics of different eras are all available by clicking on the various titles below:


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