Tudor Gentleman - 12th Scale Miniature Doll for the Tudor Dolls House

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30 July 2009
imports_HAC_2455_92498.jpg Tudor Gentleman - 12th Scale Miniature Doll for the Tudor Dolls House
During the Tudor period especially, a man’s wealth was advertised by the richness of his clothing. ...

THE wealthy Tudor male was as bedecked and bejewelled in all his finery as any peacock and he went out of his way to proudly display it too.

The clothing was padded and enlarged to give breadth and bulk and to accentuate the masculine frame and make it look powerful and strong.

Because some of the clothing pieces on the doll are false and are quite small, heavier fabrics like brocade can be used for these pieces as they will not add unwanted bulk. A selection of rich-looking braids can be mixed and matched to give your Tudor man a more opulent look or he may be made less fancy if he is just an ordinary citizen or merchant.
The pattern and instructions for the Tudor lady was featured in issue 182, August 2009.

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