Ultramodern New York Complex in Miniature

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21 February 2013
imports_HAC_thediningroom_89154.jpg The Dining Room
Phillip Nuveen has been busy producing his very first miniature building… it’s an ultramodern New York complex. ...
Ultramodern New York Complex in Miniature Images

One day in late February, 2012 I was looking to take on a project. I needed to take a break from my paintings and fancied trying something in three dimensions instead. I have always been a huge fan of architecture and interior design, and my higher education and BFA are in related visual fields. Also, one of my dear friends, Valerie White has a Victorian style dolls house that is so impressive; it really lit a spark in me.

I was looking on the internet, browsing modern dolls houses, and came across structures and designs by Brinca Dada, Paris Renfroe, and various others. I was almost set to buy one of Paris Renfroe's M112 Pods, when I said to myself, “wait, I bet you can make something very similar on your own.” So I headed to my favourite artist supply store in New York City, purchased a bunch of raw materials and came home and started working that day.


Elevation and Full-On View

Before I knew it, floor by floor, I had fashioned something that I thought was very special and really quite cool. I began scouring all the modern miniature blogs out there, looking for inspiration, tips and techniques. I ultimately wanted to create my own dream home, a structure that is chic, modern and very open. My real apartment is what I would call cosy modern. Good modern furniture is quite expensive so as a young artist, just starting out, my own modern furniture is more mainstream and affordable.



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Bedroom and Kitchen

As this was my first attempt at a professional model, it does have flaws but overall I am extremely proud of it! As a child I was enamoured with building blocks and Lego. I was obsessed about design from the beginning. My structures were monochromatic and symmetrical, often luxurious homes or boutiques. My father was a big influence and supporter of my engineering skills, as he himself is a talented engineer and craftsman and I used to watch him design and fashion many projects.

Sitting Room & Study

The model took me five months to make, but if I hadn’t had to work (earning money) I would have probably been able to finish it in about two months. I’d like to make others; I’ve got so many ideas! Now I’ve been bitten by the bug I would like to start selling pieces of furniture and hopefully take commissions to make more structures.

Want to see more of Phillips work? Go to www.phillipnuveen.com (you will have to copy and paste this web address into your internet  browser)

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