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30 March 2020
Bea Broadwood, DHMS contributor
Our loyal contributors explain why a DHMS subscription's worth is more than just financial...

Here's why our wonderful contributors think a DHMS subscription is worth is more than just financial!


“I love this magazine because I always discover something new with each read. Whether it be discovering a new artist, a new technique, a new book or show - there's such a huge world of possibilities out there for us miniature enthusiasts, and DHMS stays on the pulse of it all. I have discovered top talent through its pages and have made quite a few miniature friends along the way, too.” Kate Esme Ünver, @dailymini


“I love writing for the magazine but I love reading it every bit as much! The other contributors are subject experts, whether as makers or feature writers on all the fascinating and diverse aspects of our wonderful hobby. Each is passionate and knowledgeable.”


“It’s worth subscribing to get a monthly dose of projects from beginner to expert. From quick makes to complicated projects, everything is covered, and the features and photography really inspire.” Moi Ali, Contributor


“The world of miniatures has been around for as long as we can remember, but the techniques and tools continue to evolve. This magazine will teach you more about miniatures than you ever thought possible. It will inspire you. It will push you to be a better artist, and all the while bringing you a monthly dose of delight!” Kate Esme Ünver, @dailymini


“As a show organiser I obviously relish seeing articles about new talented craftspeople. Dolls House and Miniature Scene do an excellent job of discovering and supporting new makers into the hobby.”

“Readers get to read about upcoming events, tips and techniques to make their hobby more enjoyable and inspiring articles on makers to give them ideas!” Andy Hopwood, Miniatura show


"I have always been loyal to DHMS because they were the first magazine who took notice of my work right back in the late 1990s early 2000s. I became one of their regular project writers but had to stop for many years due to pressures of work. DHMS have now inspired generations of miniaturists. DHMS has continued that tradition of being open to current ideas and showcasing the bright new stars on the scene. It’s very nice to look back over those decades and the lessons learned." Angie Scarr, Contributor


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“Each issue of DHMS is a celebration of the miniature world. Put simply, it is a unique publication; one which brings the miniature world together. I love grabbing a cuppa and getting lost in its pages, all of which are filled to the brim with miniature creativity and inspiration.”


“DHMS contains a wealth of ideas, making it a valuable and extensive resource for miniaturists all over the world. Each month, leading professional artisans and highly talented hobby miniaturists come together to share their extensive knowledge, invaluable advice and passion for the fascinating world of miniatures... now who would want to miss that!”


“Month after month, the pages of DHMS are filled with clear step-by-step projects for both beginners and advanced miniaturists, in all the doll’s house scales. The breadth of knowledge and inspiration that each issue contains can be collected and saved to create your very own reference library (something I personally do with my printed copies). Alternatively, the digital version of the magazine has a wealth of additional content, audio and videos that can be enjoyed time after time and referred to again and again!”


“Ultimately, DHMS brings the miniature world together in one go-to publication. It celebrates every element of the fascinating doll house hobby and I wouldn’t want to miss an issue... so join me and grab a copy today!” Bea Broadwood, Contributor


“DHMS magazine is a source of inspiration and creativity. You will find something that piques your interest within its pages, and you'll learn a thing or two! For the hobbyist who wants to take their passion to the next level, to the esteemed maker who can do it all - this subscription has immense value for all of us who live and breathe miniatures.” Kate Esme Ünver, @dailymin


“When my copy of the Doll's House and Miniature Scene Magazine lands on my doormat I'm like a kid in a toy shop. I'm so excited to tear off the cover to see what's inside. I flick through really quickly looking at all the pictures, saying "ooh look at that, and look at that, and that and that!” The second time through, I look at the headlines as well as the pictures, and then third and fourth times through I'm starting to slow down and get into the detail. I'll read a couple of articles in-depth and then over the month I keep picking the magazine up to read another article in detail.”

“Don’t miss out on the things that make DHMS so great; the little snippets of what clubs have been up to, adverts showing what's available and where to buy things (especially in this day and age when shops are closing down), both quick makes and detailed tutorials. Even if I don't make all these things I'm fascinated to read about the process. And of course, the pictures, I love the pictures.”

“The magazine gives us confidence that we can do these things ourselves. It gives us ideas and inspiration for how we can develop our miniature collections, whilst connecting miniaturists from around the world, making us feel like we're part of a big family.” Stephanie Guy, Contributor

So what are you waiting for? Nurture that curiosity for miniatures. Subscribe today with this amazing offer and never miss a project, issue or idea again, for just £5!


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