WW1 first aid kit

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08 October 2021
WW1 miniature military first aid kit WW1 miniature military first aid kit by Jane Harrop
Find out how to make a simple miniature WW1 first aid kit, courtesy of Jane Harrop...

How to make your WW1 simple first aid kit

By Jane Harrop

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You will need

From 1/4in (6mm) diameter dowel:

  • 3/4in (19mm) length for cotton wool

From 1/8in (3mm) diameter dowel:

  • Three 1/2in (13mm) lengths for dressings
  • Black tissue paper
  • White or cream copier paper
  • Tacky glue


1. Cut a piece of tissue paper large enough to wrap around the cotton wool dowel.

2. Secure with a tiny amount of tacky glue. 

ww1 military first aid kit steps 1-2

Top tip! Press the side edges of the paper on to the ends of the dowel for a neat finish.

3. Print the labels on to copier paper, trim to size and glue the cotton wool label centrally on to the package.

ww1 military first aid kit step 3

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4. Repeat the procedure to make the dressings using the thinner dowel.

Visit Jane’s website for even more great miniatures.

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