April 2019

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April showers bring May flowers and they give us the perfect excuse to stay home baking a rainbow too!

On Sale: 22/03/2019

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What's in this Issue?

What a treat we have for you his month, our first ever full tutorial from queen of cake, Rosie Cake Diva. This Extreme Cake Maker has made an extremely cute bunny cake for you to recreate easily at home – the family will love this for Easter Sunday afternoon tea!

Naturally, Easter is a theme this month with cute bunnies, chocolate modelled chickens and pretty eggs but it is also my favourite month for cake colour – think brooding April skies…

Nothing makes flowers radiate colour like a blue grey April sky, promising a rain shower and with it, a breath-taking rainbow…well these are perfect cake colours! Check our new contributor Inci’s divine wedding design that embraces moody blues and a ‘Kintsugi’ and Karen Keaney’s brilliant and beginner friendly modern textures cake in beautiful blues and yummy chocolate – concrete effect has never tasted so delicious!

Whichever tutorial you choose this April, enjoy the process and try something new…you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with our step-by-step method,

Happy caking

Leeanne x

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