November 2019

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The festive season is upon us! We have an abundance of seasonal treats for you to try, from a beginner level to more of the expert as your confidence grows!

On Sale: 31/10/2019

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

This issue is full of traditional reds and greens, along with some fun novelty ideas that are certain to make your guests smile this Christmas. You may have noticed the fantastic Grinch inspired character by Laura Dodimead on page 16, which is one of my favourites I have to say! This tutorial shows how you can capture the nature of a character in your work.

We have some wonderful tutorials for those who are keen to progress their modelling skills, including Sarah Lou Smith’s skiing girl on page 40 and Rhu Strand’s vintage lady on page 48, both of which will hone those sugarpaste facial features.

Elsewhere, Vicky Teather has created the most fun novelty Christmas tree on page 32 – who says your tree can’t be full of cacti, lollipops and ice creams?! So kitsch!

Keep us posted on all of your latest cakey creations, we absolutely love seeing what our readers get up to, and you never know you could be the star of our Handpicked or Subscriber Zone pages!

Let’s raise our glass (and cake decorating tools!) to the start of the Christmas countdown!

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