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March 2021 Issue 367

Available only in digital format! Stitch the new season! Welcome springtime with a host of bright and breezy projects, in-cluding our bloomin’ gorgeous spring sampler on the cover – the first in a new…

On Sale: 26 January 2021

Digital Edition: £4.99

February 2021 Issue 366

Available only in digital format. You asked and we listened! Our summer swatch sampler proved so popular that we’ve a winter version as our cover star this month! Stitch up all the different ‘shades’…

On Sale: 29 December 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

January 2021 Issue 365

Available only in digital format. There’s ‘snow place like home’ – what could be more welcoming in a cold, crisp winter landscape than our cosy cottage with smoke curling from the chimney? This…

On Sale: 01 December 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

December 2020 Issue 364

Available only in digital format! Subscribe today to avoid disappointment. Digital issue available now! Enjoy the jolly holly-days with our December issue! First up is our cover project – and San-ta…

On Sale: 03 November 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

November 2020 Issue 363

Available only in digital format! We’re stitching up a white Christmas… WHEN YOU THINK about it, most of our beloved Christmas images are hard to find in real life. What would a festive scene be…

On Sale: 06 October 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

October 2020 Issue 362

Available only in digital format! It’s that spooktacular time of year again! Yes, it’s time to stitch our spellbinding Halloween sampler – complete with mini bead spiders!

On Sale: 08 September 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

September 2020 Issue 361

Available only in digital format! In these very pages you’ll find the third of our seasonal sampler series. Cheryl Mckinnon has combined all the traditional elements of motifs, borders and quotes that…

On Sale: 11 August 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

August 2020 Issue 360

Available only in digital format! There are two summer kits with this issue – make our camper van phone case and then finish our 3-part summer sampler SAL - part 3 includes everything you need to…

On Sale: 14 July 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

July 2020 Issue 359

Available only in digital format! Time to celebrate the summer months in style with a design to bowl you over – our cricket scene is sure to raise a smile and comes with an inspiring saying, making it…

On Sale: 16 June 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Summer 2020 Issue 358

Available only in digital format! We bet that one time or another a friend has told you off gently for wanting to stay home and stitch. How grateful we all are now for an indoor hobby that requires no…

On Sale: 19 May 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

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