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August 2020 Issue 360

Available only in digital format! There are two summer kits with this issue – make our camper van phone case and then finish our 3-part summer sampler SAL - part 3 includes everything you need to…

On Sale: 14 July 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

July 2020 Issue 359

Available only in digital format! Time to celebrate the summer months in style with a design to bowl you over – our cricket scene is sure to raise a smile and comes with an inspiring saying, making it…

On Sale: 16 June 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

Summer 2020 Issue 358

Available only in digital format! We bet that one time or another a friend has told you off gently for wanting to stay home and stitch. How grateful we all are now for an indoor hobby that requires no…

On Sale: 19 May 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

June 2020 Issue 357

Available only in digital format! OVER THE YEARS you’ve shared many personal stories with us about how stitching has helped you through difficult times.

On Sale: 21 April 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

May 2020 Issue 356

Available only in digital format! We’re starting with the next in our window view series – this time Susan Bates has us pausing for a cuppa (and a biscuit!), gazing past a beautiful vase of blossoms…

On Sale: 17 March 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

April 2020 Issue 355

Available only in digital format!

On Sale: 25 February 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

March 2020 Issue 354

Available only in digital format! ONE OF OUR FAVOURITE things about cross stitch – apart from it being such an enjoyable process with beautiful rewards – is it’s quite like painting in that it is a…

On Sale: 28 January 2020

Digital Edition: £4.99

February 2020 Issue 353

Available only in digital format! No one seems very fond of the early months of the year but we think there is something to be said for the feeling of being warm inside and looking out of the window…

On Sale: 31 December 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

January 2020 Issue 352

Available only in digital format! What do you think about chunky stitching? By chunky we mean using a fabric with only single figures of stitches to the inch – and using not two strands of stranded…

On Sale: 03 December 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

December 2019 Issue 351

Available only in digital format! He’s making his list and checking it twice! Santa and his reindeer are the cover stars of our December issue and we think they make a great design to stitch as a…

On Sale: 05 November 2019

Digital Edition: £4.99

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