March 2020 Issue 354

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Print edition - SOLD OUT! Subscribe today to avoid disappointment. Digital issue available now! ONE OF OUR FAVOURITE things about cross stitch – apart from it being such an enjoyable process with beautiful rewards – is it’s quite like painting in that it is a way to create an image of just about anything you want.

On Sale: 28/01/2020

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What's in this Issue?

No matter what your favourite style or subject matter, the simple act of making one stitch over another is all the skill you need to create something you can be proud of. Of course all this choice does make it a bit tricky for us as editors – there are just so many options for our pages!

If you like to look back to the traditions of stitching, then we are starting a new series of band samplers on page 24. For those keen on homestyle makes, may we recommend the Scandi-style cushion on page 18 (we love the way the limited number of colours really packs a punch with this one!). For a classic look, it has to be the Japanese design on page 77. Plus, for a bit of contemporary fun, try stitching a picture (page 39) that is framed in not one but two hoops!

As always, we welcome your comments about what you want more of, so please keep in touch.

Happy stitching!

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