November 2020 Issue 363

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We’re stitching up a white Christmas… WHEN YOU THINK about it, most of our beloved Christmas images are hard to find in real life. What would a festive scene be without the snow, but how many of us actually experience a white Christmas? We would need to look back quite a few years in the UK. Nevertheless, we are always up for a good dose of artistic license – not to mention a touch of magic and sparkle!

On Sale: 06/10/2020

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What's in this Issue?

First of all we want to take you on a sleigh ride! Lucie Heaton’s cover design is such a treat, with the woodland animals making their way through the snow to their own version of Christmas. Climb on board on page 24.
We’ve noticed that many of you like to create snow villages as part of your decorations. A stitched addition is just the thing, so take a look at the tiny toyshop on page 30.
Now for the magic... we have the sweetest angel for the top of your tree (page 20), and we off er the first part of what has to be the ultimate fairytale. Meet Cinderella on page 59 and stitch the most sparkly Fairy Godmother about to transform our girl for the ball.
Happy stitching!

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