June 2020 Issue 357

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Available only in digital format! OVER THE YEARS you’ve shared many personal stories with us about how stitching has helped you through difficult times.

On Sale: 21/04/2020

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What's in this Issue?

It’s a small miracle how something as simple as the action of needle and thread can absorb us. We all need a little escape right now – thank goodness we have a hobby that suits staying home so well.
Although this summer is going to be different, there’s no need to be isolated from your favourite magazine – send us pictures of your work in progress, or share them on our Facebook page. Stitching will help keep you positive and you’ll have an embroidery to treasure afterwards.
We’re keeping things as normal as possible with plenty of projects to uplift you. In these pages, you will find a mix of the stylish, the novel and the down-right cute (such as our llama cover star!).

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