May 2020 Issue 356

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Available only in digital format! We’re starting with the next in our window view series – this time Susan Bates has us pausing for a cuppa (and a biscuit!), gazing past a beautiful vase of blossoms out to a view of a fresh green garden.

On Sale: 17/03/2020

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What's in this Issue?

We are a bit oldfashioned, so we asked her to add a washing line of fresh laundry. There’s nothing like the way clothes and sheets smell when dried outdoors – it’s even nice just watching them ripple in the breeze on the line on a windy day!
Spring also means cute baby animals, so we have ducks with ducklings on page 24. Thoughts also turn to weddings, so we’ve come up with something you will love to stitch for a bride. Try the simple lace effects Amanda Butler has created on page 70.
Happy stitching!

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