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December 2018

We go crazy for Christmas this month and we’re flooding you with ideas and creativity to make it a miniature Christmas to remember!

On Sale: 22 November 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

November 2018

Welcome to the November issue, as we head into winter we have a brilliant miniature Toad in the Hole to warm you up

On Sale: 25 October 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

October 2018

Halloween in miniature is as awesome as Halloween in full scale.

On Sale: 27 September 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

September 2018

It’s wedding season and we begin this issue looking at the miniature cakes and treats by Rachel Dyke.

On Sale: 23 August 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

August 2018

This months issue is crammed full of holiday projects and features!

On Sale: 26 July 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

July 2018

This month sparks fly like the 4th July, as we’re feeling all red, white and blue.

On Sale: 28 June 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

June 2018

Time stops for no man (or miniaturist) and this month our love for all things miniature focuses on the clock, an essential everyday item that creates a focal point in any room and adds style to an…

On Sale: 24 May 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

May 2018

In this month’s issue, we have 8 projects, 8 feature articles and much, much more!

On Sale: 26 April 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

April 2018

Why not try the digital edition?

On Sale: 22 March 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

March 2018

Inside this month's issue we have unique projects, collections, features and reviews to get stuck into!

On Sale: 22 February 2018

Digital Edition: £4.99

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