August 2019

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Available only in digital format! What’s on the miniature menu this month I hear you ask… ...well for starters, a gallery of miniature food-based images on page 8. They’re ideal if you’re looking for some inspiration for your kitchen or restaurant scene.

On Sale: 25/07/2019

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What's in this Issue?

And if you’re looking for more, read all about Erzsébet Bodzás of Hungarian Miniatures on page 9; her recipe for success was discovered twelve years ago whilst searching for a dolls house to present to her daughters. Unable to find anything suitable, Erzsébet instead decided to build one herself!

The rest, as they say, is history.

That’s followed by a crop of projects by Lynn Allingham on page 14, demonstrating how to create a selection of seasonal vegetables for your kitchen scene. And for dessert, Sadie Brown whips up a storm in the miniature kitchen over on page 32, producing seven projects including a blueberry sponge and pastry.

Elsewhere, we talk to Anna Kenten, office manager at Dolls House Emporium and highlight a selection of products from their popular range of food and luggage themed miniatures. Ever popular contributor Bea Broadwood shares with us her top tips and as we go over the pond, we look at the minis made by Jeanie Anderson, while Moi Ali looks at a unique selection of designer luggage.
Enjoy the issue.

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