August 2020

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Available only in digital format! August! Already! Wow, what year. So many events which will shape our future and have both educated us and given us reason to reconsider how we act, think, shop and more. This will certainly be a year to look back on.

On Sale: 16/07/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Thankfully things seem to be getting back to ‘normal’ with regards to shops reopening and businesses back in action. I hope that your experience of lockdown and all that it entailed was a positive one. But for now, let’s enjoy the here and now. As mindfulness has taught us, be fully present and aware, and absorb all the wonderful content you will find over the coming pages.

We explore some really wonderful projects in this issue including Marie Knight’s lighthouse and Sonia Minter’s modern miniature abode while we take a closer look at Linda Cumming’s plates of food! Such a lot of talent between them! There’s projects for you to recreate including period furniture in the form of a mini Chippendale chair and what summer would be complete without a miniature flamingo! We also bring back a project from the archive, from 2012 in fact, an authentic fisherman’s shed which is a great project to really get stuck into!

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