December 2020

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Available only in digital format! Another packed issue full of everything amazing in the miniature world! There‚Äôs features, interviews and projects galore for you over the coming pages. 

On Sale: 19/11/2020

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Of course there’s a focus on Christmas this month. What could be better than a Christmas scene? A mini Christmas scene! We kick of with a look at Christmas food from around the globe in ‘A world of Festivities’ (p7) in which we marvel at miniature meals all lovingly prepared for the big day! Aida Pravia’s Christmas creations are simply stunning (p37), you’ll want to jump straight into the scene and feel that festive vibe and because we love seeing what you make we explore 3 fantastic reader Christmas projects! 

Elsewhere in the magazine Dene Bebbington looks at Dinky toys, a festive favourite from years gone by, IGMA fellow Julie Campbell shares her incredible characters, Caroline Dewison explains more about her fairytale creations and Deb Weissler talks with Ever After Miniatures about the brands great printable kits!

If you’re looking to create creative yourself you can learn how to create Christmas parcels and letters, and paint a wonderful scene under the guidance of Stephanie Guy. You can play with polymer clay to create a fun penguin, stollen cake and gingerbread house and felt to create a family of snowpeople! 

Of course that’s not all! Take your time to delve into all the wonderful content we’re offering this month, we promise it will leave you in awe! 

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