January 2021

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Available only in digital format! What a jam-packed issue! This edition kicks off with a look at the exceptional talent of high-profile miniaturist Susan Parris who creates historically accurate costumes in 1/12th scale. Read the interview to find out how Susan’s work is helping historians.  

On Sale: 17/12/2020

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Sticking with historic builds, let us take you on a tour of the incredible dolls house by Petronella Oortman. Oortman spared no expense on her lavish miniature home, commissioning cabinetmakers, glassblowers, silversmiths and basket-weavers to furnish it with bespoke items – it truly is a work of art and was the inspiration for the novel The Miniaturist. 

In contrast to the grandeur of time gone by, we share the work of Joshua Smith, one of a new generation of miniaturists who have side-sided the idea of perfection, favoured in the early days of the hobby, and shaken up the hobby with his incredibly realistic but grungy dioramas. Incredible makes for sure. 
If modern miniatures are your thing we look also at Amanda Smith’s thoroughly modern loft apartment and the Scandi style work of Marloes Oliedam whose senses of style are straight out of the most trendy interiors magazine. Get ready to be impressed!

Want to get making yourself? This edition also sees the start of two new projects series’. In a three-part project Ruth Flewelling Lesbirel shares how to create a fantastic classic pub bar including drinks and working lights, a build that would make a great dirorama. And in eight parts, Candy Chappill demonstrates individual pieces that together can be used to build the scene of a garden greenhouse. Starting with the greenhouse itself in this edition, future issues will see the addition of paving slabs, plants and accessories like garden tools and wellies! You can also learn how best to use moulds, create a fun BBQ and so much more!  

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