July 2020

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Available only in digital format! What an incredibly diverse collection of features, interviews and projects we have for you this issue!

On Sale: 18/06/2020

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What's in this Issue?

The team marvelled over the images as they came of some the creations we cover in this edition. The amount of talent is evident in the stunning images capturing these projects. In this issue we look at the history of popular miniature hobby Subbeteo, take a look at the work of Emma Martinot, one of the foremost miniature food artisans, teach you how to create a number of strawberry-based sweet treats, explore the incredible 1/12th scale Winery and Tasting Cellar created by Marie Knight, share how to make no less than nine trendy tropical
plants, marvel at the incredible details in the Pendon Museums fictional Vale Scene and other exhibits and so much more! I particular enjoyed learning about Robert Off’s Gold Club House with its rich wooden features!

I always love to include what we call a ‘reader project’ and this month it’s even better as the readers in question have no idea they are the stars! When Emma wrote and told us how their miniature hobby has got Anita and Ted through the recent lockdown it resonated with me, myself and the team have learnt how important hobbies can be to us, and I was just so excited to be able to make someone day in the smallest way.

Remember as much as we’re here for you, you’re inspiring us too! We love the world of miniatures and seeing all your amazing makes! If you know of anyone you think we should feature, even if it’s yourself then do let us know – let’s celebrate this wonderful hobby in all it’s shaped and (small-scale) sizes!

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