June 2019

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Available only in digital format! The miniature scene is flourishing! Log in to your favourite social media account and apart from falling into an inspirational ‘black hole’ you will discover a whole host of new and established artisans from around the globe.

On Sale: 23/05/2019

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

One of the most popular themes of miniature found online are all things modern, and the pick of the bunch making modern minis are mother and daughter Kathy Holden and Margaret Shaw of Delph Miniatures who have seen their miniature makes featured in TV, fi lm and more recently been the subject of an award winning short film. Read all about their journey on page 9.

There’s a whole host of inspiration inside this month’s issue as we introduce to you a colour! A colour so stimulating you will certainly want to include it in your next project and we show you how to use the same colour as a base for a stunning miniature painting.

We also chat to Annemarie Kwikkel, creator of beautiful, bespoke porcelain dolls, look at a stunning collection of silver and share with you a handcrafted project by DHMS reader Amanda Bridger.

Enjoy the issue.

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