June 2020

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Available only in digital format! What an edition we have for you with content from all over the world and covering a multitude of themes...

On Sale: 14/05/2020

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Incredible successful miniaturist Bea Broadwood of Petite Properties shares her top tips, wonderful writer Deb Weissler explore’s the amazing work of the Tepper’s while Sadie Brown takes us on a nostalgic journey looking at mini caravans. Beate Klein shows you how to create an on-trend sign often used at wedding and fetes while elsewhere we show you how to create a beautiful crib. There’s a feature on how to use mirrors to enhance your miniature scenes while Moi Ali shares her incredible trip to Paris to a couple of the most wonderful miniature stores you will ever encounter! If you can’t get away this summer we’re here to transport you to another world. You just need to turn the pages… ​

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