March 2016

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The March 2016 issue of Dolls House & Miniature Scene is now on sale for only £4.25

On Sale: 25/02/2016

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What's in this Issue?

If you’ve ever visited a miniatures show and had the fortune to see Karon Cunningham’s display stand, I’m sure you’ll have stood for what seemed like an eternity and gazed in disbelief at her magnificent collection of miniatures, all collected via her travels around the globe from some of the world’s finest artisans. Turn to page 6 to read about how Karon’s fascination with miniatures came about via a visitor to her gift shop. It’s an interesting and beautiful story.We have so much more for you in this issue covering various themes, eras, skills and interests including a selection of quick and easy easter projects, another fabulous miniature
masterpiece for you to re-create, part two of our alpine ski chalet project and mixture of miniature cakes and desserts for you to bake (but not to eat!)

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