May 2020

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Available only in digital format! Welcome to the May issue. Inside this month’s edition we take a detailed look at miniature weddings, with bespoke artboxes handmade by Lisa Swerling.

On Sale: 16/04/2020

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

Each artbox that Lisa creates contains a sparkling parallel world based on the material that she is provided with, whether it be photographs, props or general background information. Lisa customises each bride and groom according to their own attributes, including hair, gender, age and can also recreate the wedding attire and chosen colour schemes. Turn to page 9 to read the full story.

Continuing with the theme of weddings, Maive Ferrando makes a welcome return to the magazine as she demonstrates how to make a majestic and semi-naked summer cake using polymer clay in just a few simple steps. Turn to page 14 to get creative.

Of course there's inspiration for you too with our wedding themed gallery on page 8 and a selection of quick make wedding accessories from Ruth Flewellin esbirel over on page 16.

Read all about Nostell, (page 23) a dolls house created by Susannah Henshaw in the 1730s. The dolls house served as the muse for the full scale mansion that she and husband Rowland Winn were building at the same time. During the early part of this year the miniature version saw teams of highly skilled experts renovate everything from carpets and curtains to silverware and accessories. I was fortunate enough to visit and spoke to head curator Simon McCormack about this tiny treasure.

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