May 2021

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Available only in digital format! This issue we have some spectacular historical pieces of work to show you. We get things started with Sadie Brown discovering some of the finest European furniture through time with David Iriarte.

On Sale: 29/04/2021

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What's in this Issue?

We take you through the decades with style – literally – as we take on the history of fashion with Teresa Thompson of Costume Cavalcade with her miniatures models. Also, don’t miss Dene Bebbington’s feature on how little toy soldiers came to be and where it all began.

For those who love things a little more modern, don’t worry, check out our We Discover pages and you will like what you see! Luna Enriquez displays her ‘tasty’ creations that are simply stunning! 

Once you are ready to get making, this issue includes some fantastic must-makes, including part five of Candy Chappill’s garden series, Stephanie Guy beautiful miniature painting and Ruth Flewelling Lesbirel shows how you can take a mini church pew and bring it right up to date! All this and so much more that we couldn’t possibly list on one page, so we’ll leave you to sit back and enjoy!

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