November 2020

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Available only in digital format! If you fancy getting crafty and creating a new item for your miniature scene then projects in this issue include toffee apples, textured sponge cake, rocking reindeers, a checkered floor, modern stools and more!

On Sale: 15/10/2020

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What's in this Issue?

With an impressive array of makes to her name we delve into the micro world of Sadie Rosa de Jong who creates beautifully constructed builds rooted in nature. We talk to miniaturists Dorothy Jenkins about her mini art room, Arkansas-based Kathleen Holmes who shares her incredible seasonally decorated dolls house with incredible attention to detail and Ken Hamilton who really delivers on the detail! One of our reader project is that of Roz McClean who set out to recreate the Christmasses of the 80s she holds treasured memories of with amazing success!
Last month we shared the story of Jess and Rob Coffee of Jessica Cloe Miniatures, well this proved so popular with you, we’ve gone back for even more detail about these modern makes! Elsewhere, in her regular column for us, Kate Ünver, curator of The Daily Mini, interviews Pocket Polymer, an artist who rather excitingly wishes to remain anonymous, about sculping miniature food, an element of miniature making we know is very popular!

Of course that’s not all! Take your time to delve into all the wonderful content we’re offering this month, we promise it will leave you in awe

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