October 2020

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Everything in this edition is scarily great! (sorry - there will be more!). We know many miniaturists are into Halloween and so in this edition we look at many talented artisans dedicating their makes to celebrate this occasion.

On Sale: 17/09/2020

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

This starts with the work of Pat Benedict whose talent lies in making miniature characters with a slightly scary side to them. We also explore the creations of Bettina Kienitz who prefers the slightly more macabre side of Halloween! In a refreshingly trendy take on the celebration, Deb Weissler talks to Rebecca Butler who creates gorgeous miniature signage with which to decorate your spooky scenes. If you want to decorate your own scene you’re in luck as you can choose between a Halloween wreath, realistic pumpkins and a tutorial on using acrylic pens to create a scarily good scene!

Of course we're not exclusively about Halloween! We continue our look stateside in Across The Pond in which Kate Ünver, founder of the hugely successful platform The Daily Mini, and DHMS columnist, meets New York-based artist Danielle McGurran, while British success Bea Broadwood of Petite Properties shares her top tips on different exterior finishes! Speaking of which, we take time this issue to take an in-depth look at one such option – brickwork. With this style of build suitable for so many eras and types of mini makes we’ve also included two tutorials, each using a different technique to achieve the look of brickwork with fantastic results. Starting on page 54 Moi Ali explores how you may wish to approach making your own bricks walls from a variety of materials.

If modern work is your thing then turn to page 9 to be impressed by the work of Switzerland-based Marion who describes her work as ‘fully furnished architectural model houses’. Can’t get enough of these realistic scenes? Then turn to page 15 where you can delve into the work of husband and wife team Robb and Jess Coffee of Jessica Cloe Miniatures who obviously work well to together to produce tip top miniatures!

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