September 2020

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Welcome to the September issue! And what an edition! We honestly struggled when it came to putting the cover of this issue together – there are just so many incredibly inspirational images, with wonderful stories behind them. They all deserve to be cover stars!

On Sale: 20/08/2020

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

The first of these is Vonelle Chapman’s project. One that wouldn’t look out of place in the latest trend interiors magazine. Each and every image shares an incredibly realistic scene from this impressive project! (p9). Equally ‘trendy’ is the work of Kwandaa Roberts, our star of Across The Pond this month (p16). For someone relatively new to the hobby her creations are the stuff of dreams. From all Kwandaa’s work created over the past 2 years we jump to a 45 year project! Turn to page 60 to read a heart-warming story on the making of a dollshouse.

We know you love to see mini food and the work of Claudia Campanale, who strives for ‘maximum realism’ and will not disappoint! Did someone say mini donuts?! (p23). Fancy making your own? Sadie shares a mini apple pie on page 22, perfect for that classic kitchen scene!

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