July 2019

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Available only in digital format! Welcome to the July edition! I’m so excited we’re getting a little bolder with the choices of Craft Paper Collections we include each month, as you’ve reacted as I’d hoped – you’re loving the uniqueness, the challenge and the fact that you can make amazing cards that really stand out.

On Sale: 13/06/2019

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

With this edition you can enjoy the cute quirkiness of Summer Girl and the distinct artistic style of Family! Both beautiful in colour and without doubt great for making cards for a variety of occasions – how useful is that!

Elsewhere in this issue I’m thrilled to offer the chance to win great prizes (pages 23 and 53), catch up with one of your favourite celebrity crafters, Debby Robinson (page 58), and marvel at our ‘Inside the factory’ feature which stars our new subscription gift – a beautiful set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens!  These versatile colourful pens can be used to colour your stamps and more such as lettering, and they can be blended or mixed with water! In this edition we discover how pen fantatic Sue Hastead enjoyed using her set!

Enjoy the issue, don’t forget to share your cardmaking and papercraft via the many ways you can contact us, we love to share the passion for this wonderful hobby!

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