April 2018

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Available only in digital format! In this month’s issue we have 13 original and exclusive designs as we head into Spring, with cards and projects featuring beautiful white worked flowers and plants.

On Sale: 09/03/2018

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

For the advanced crafter try our front cover design which is an amazing project from Julie Roces, involving a lot of perforating and cut work on the sunburst lattice border. This can easily be adopted by a beginner by using the design in the centre piece and use it on a card design. We also have a quick make project by Karen Jackson where she shows us how to create a trendy butterfly themed design which can be adapted for any occasion.

As always, we have our bonus patterns page, which in this issue boasts a selection of beautiful spring themed patterns and boarders, ideal for adding a decorative edge or detail to any piece of parchment. Why not enter our Reader Challenge for your chance to get your hands on a goodie bag worth £30 from Wightcat Crafts? We welcome to this issue Pushpa Bakrania, who is a regular contributor to the reader challenge, so we have invited her to create a card which we think you will love. 

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