January/February 2022

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Now only available in digital format. With Christmas all packed away for another year, it’s time to stay in the warm, get cosy and keep crafting!

On Sale: 09/12/2021

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What's in this Issue?

This issue we look at the beauty winter can bring, including flowers in the patterns provided by Pat Murphy on page 6 and Kay James on page 14. We also look at nature, with Mary G Kerr’s gold finch on page 22 and Judith Maslen’s butterfly on page 36. 

This edition sees the arrival of Valentine’s Day, but don’t forget many of these designs can be adapted for occasions throughout the year such as weddings and anniversaries – so versatile! Take a look at Mary Price’s project on page 12 that also includes intricate gold gilding detail which is not only something a little different to try but adds some beautiful shimmer and shine! 

We take a look at many different techniques and ideas throughout this issue, including Judith Maslen’s workshop on using invisible thread on page 8, Lesley Shore’s twisted easel on page 16 and Mary Price’s folded lace design on page 26. Easy using an items or a shape that you might not have normally considered. 

All this inspiration and so much more! Don’t forget to try the abundance of bonus patterns, including a gorgeous rose and some modern sentiments that will make a great addition to your work. Do send us a photo of how you have used them, we’d love to see what you come up with! 

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