July 2019

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Is it safe to say that summer has fi nally arrived? I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for clear blue skies until mid September! With that in mind inside this month’s issue, I present to you a stunning selection of beautiful cards focussing on designs for summer.

On Sale: 06/06/2019

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What's in this Issue?

If you enjoy working with colour, Alison Yeates explains how to create a bright and bold card working with dry pencils on page 5. The step by step instructions which accompany the card are clear and detailed, so you really can’t go wrong, and as you will have already seen, it’s on the front cover.

I understand the importance of these step by step photos, especially if you are still new to this beautiful craft, so your feedback on how they are presented and the level of detail in which they are presented is greatly appreciated. You will also find projects by Lesley Shore and Hilary Bucci Pepper displaying step by step photos.

Don’t forget to enter the Parchment Craft reader challenge on page 36, this is your chance to see your work in print and to also win a bumper goody bag worth £30.

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