July/August 2022

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Now only available in digital format. What a collection of projects you have to choose from this edition! As always our wonderful contributors have worked hard to bring you a variety of designs incorporating a range of techniques and covering a range of themes!

On Sale: 09/06/2022

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

We kick off the edition with a workshop from Lesley Shore who shares her advice on achieving perfect picot cutting. If you’ve ever struggled with this then let Lesley’s tips help you achieve perfection with practise! Once you’ve mastered the perfect cut, head to page 12 for the perfect project to show off your skills!

If you’re looking to create something ultra pretty then Kay James’ Seashells project on page 21 is just the ticket, as is Alison Yeates’ Summer Birthday project on page 28, both packed with colour. Talking of colour, something we don’t feature very often are Perga Colours Exclusive! These water-based inks are specifi cally designed to apply ink to parchment paper. See them used in Lesley’s workshop.

There are plenty more themes that might take your fancy as well as lots of bonus patterns – including an extremely useful alphabet for creating the perfect sentiment or personalising your design, a really thoughtful touch.

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