May/June 2021

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Available only in digital format. Summertime is upon us here in the UK, and with the longer days and brighter nights we have more time to do our favourite hobbies – like parchment crafting! 

On Sale: 08/04/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Your favourite contributors bring you a wide selection of projects this issue, many brining you some ‘blooming’ marvellous ideas – excuse the pun! Kay James creates a delightful circle of pansies on page 6, plus Julie Roces has a pretty floral design that you must try on page 35.

Also, in June we celebrate Father’s Day, so we have made sure that we provide some inspiration – as men can be hard to make for! Take a look at Jane Frezza’s balloon idea on page 13 or Susan Moran’s ‘knockout’ idea on page 52, perfect for t he sporting hero in your life. 

Not only these, but we have some brilliant gift ideas which are ideal for posting or for a doorstop delivery to brighten someone’s day before restrictions ease; Tracey Aldred has made a delightful card consisting of a braille image and greeting for those who are partially sighted. Know a book lover? You must make them a special bookmark they are sure to cherish, as Mary Price shows on page 22. Or maybe even a personalised coaster! You’ll find the step by steps on page 26. 

All this and so much more, don’t forget your bonus patterns too! You can choose from two different designs, for weddings and cat lovers, that you’re sure to love. 

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