November 2018

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Available only in digital format! Season’s greetings and welcome to the November issue. Yes, Christmas has finally arrived and I’m delighted with all of the content is this edition, I’m thrilled to bring to you a selection of cards along with a handful of designs from your favourite contributors that I know you’ll fall in love with.

On Sale: 12/10/2018

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

For those of you who love the traditional element of the craft, turn to page 12 to discover the beauty of Julie Roces’ trio of candles. Highlighting stippled detailing around the candle glow, and then teamed with dorso crayons to create the perfect balance of light and shade on the poinsettias and berries.

If you’re more inclined to the modern and contemporary and looking for a Christmas showstopper, you can’t have failed to notice the beautiful bauble on the cover and on page 24, the creation of the snowflake is very simple, but once complete and inside a bauble it will catch the light and everyone’s attention.

Enjoy the issue!

Carl Golder (Editor)

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