September 2018

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Available only in digital format! If you’re looking for cards and designs with a nature feel to them, then look no further.

On Sale: 10/08/2018

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What's in this Issue?

We begin this issue with a card from one of your favourite designers, Alison Yeates, who continues with her series of wildlife themed cards. Her hiding hedgehog card on page 6 features coloured detailing in the centre on plain parchment and is set against a neatly perforated border. And besides her accompanying step by step imagery, Alison’s also taken the time to film the creation of the card so that you can watch along at home.

The inclusion of step by step photography is becoming really popular and your feedback has encouraged me to include them on a more regular basis. Other such projects which feature step by steps include a summer birdhouse card by Hilary Bucci-Pepper on page 20 and Gail Sydenham’s Groovi garden party card on page 42 to name but a few.

Enjoy your issue!

Carl Golder

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