April/May 2020 - (124)

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Available only in digital format. For some a considered approach will be second nature. Others may be more aligned to a fast, disposable culture. Whatever the starting point, what’s important is appreciating what’s around us and making the most of it. And that’s exactly what this issue of Stitch is all about.

On Sale: 29/03/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Let’s start with Jessica Devin’s stunning needle-painted kingfi sher. WOW! The life-like detail is incredible! Loss of habitat means catching a glimpse these brightly coloured birds in the wild is less likely. But this won’t stop you from embroidering your own to enjoy whenever you want. Honestly!! Every stitch and step are carefully explained for you to follow.
Rachel Wright is another contributor whose work is hard to tell from the real thing. She captures the turbulence of skies and seas in a stitched moment. She does it with seriously tiny pieces of fabric and a sewing machine. Be drawn into the drama in her masterclass. The insight is fascinating.
Then for your stitching pleasure, we’ve got a series of projects that champion the left-overs. Ingenious and resourceful projects made with bits you already have and stuff you would normally throw away. There’s a hidden gem with Jessica Grady’s recycled brooch - adorned with some very unusual sequins. While Cherrilyn Tyler takes yesterday’s newspaper and turns it into a simple spray of echinacea. It’s such a clever and effective concept. Plus textile favourites, Cas Holmes and Anne Kelly show you how to reclaim a landscape and personalise a shopping bag. Both are made by raiding your scrap baskets and rubbish bins. Both proving beautiful things can be stitched from very humble beginnings.

And what of the future? We take a fresh look at embroidery and all its possibilities through the eyes of the next generation. Newly graduated, needle and thread to hand, they’re ready to take on the world. Be uplifted by their energy and enthusiasm.

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