June/July 2020 - 125

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Available only in digital format. Needle and thread refresh like no other activity. Not only do stitches join together in a satisfying way, but somehow the act of sewing leaves you at one with yourself. The feeling of reconnection is bliss.

On Sale: 31/05/2020

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What's in this Issue?

With so many things unsettled, it’s fair to say the soothing sense of perspective embroidery brings has been needed. This issue is packed with beautiful projects and features designed to produce a steady flow of stitching endorphins to keep you going!
There is something almost magical about the glimpse of a dragonfly’s wings on a hot summer’s day; little sparks of iridescence in the sunshine. Somehow Anna Scott has managed to capture not just this visual treat, but also the amplified sound of buzzing insects the hazy, still heat brings. It’s a symphony in satin stitch.
For elegance and tradition, Emma Frith has pulled together an exquisite project showing you how to dress a Japanese bride in a traditional kimono. The layering and attention to detail in her appliqué work is outstanding. Plus, she explains how to do it all brilliantly. As does Alison Carpenter-Hughes with her free-machined Oriental tiger. Don’t be daunted by her artistry. She’s equally good at breaking the process down into easy-to-follow steps.

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