October/November 2021 - 133

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Get ready for a bumper helping of embroidery tricks and treats, complete with a great big dollop of seasonal sparkle on top!

On Sale: 30/09/2021

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What's in this Issue?

Start by sinking your teeth into a silk-shaded windfall from Marg Dier. Her fresh, crisp apple is perfectly topped with a stumpwork leaf. Next Stephanie Bonneau offers a dazzling display of glittering goldwork, beads and crystals. There’s more bling than a Bond Street jeweller in her Venetian eye mask! While Brenda Sortwell dishes up a Scandi-inspired design, showing how to display her red-worked reindeer on a fabric covered box. And Jill Kipnis serves a timely reminder with her commemorative poppy. It’s quick to whip up on your machine and will last for years. 

Plus, there’s festive magic as Ella Richards transforms left-overs into fabulous stocking decorations. You can satisfy your sweet tooth on Loëtitia Gibier’s scrummy gingerbread house. While Kay & Michael Dennis will delight with a superb tutorial detailing their evergreen bouquet. 

With exclusive designs and essential tips, this is stitching splendour at its best. Get your copy today! 

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