October 2020

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Welcome to your October issue! I simply love this time of year; the rich colours, the crisp mornings, the darker evenings... all so magical and allowing us to enjoy the comfort of baking and decorating - maybe even more than we already have this year so far?!

On Sale: 01/10/2020

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What's in this Issue?

This issue encompasses all of those things, starting with Karen Keaney’s beautifully hand painted pumpkin on page 10 – who said you have to stick to traditional orange pumpkins, right?! Laura Dodimead provides a masterclass in using metallics on her stunning tiered cake on page 50, a sure hit for when weddings and celebrations are back in full swing. Don’t forget to brush up on your modelling with Julie Rogerson’s cute little squirrel on page 36, a cake topper that children will love.

This issue we also enjoy some fantastic, spook-tacular (how many times will I use this pun?!) ideas! Marie McGrath’s little witch is so sweet – yes, a witch can be sweet! I can’t wait to try Vicky Teather’s cupcake toppers, I have two little people that will certainly want to create those this half term!

So sit back and enjoy the new season with us. Stay safe and happy caking!

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