CrossStitcher April 2020 Issue 355

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There is a real magic to hot air balloons and we couldn’t resist asking Susan Bates to recreate this feeling in our bold cover design.

On Sale: 25/02/2020

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What's in this Issue?

We couldn’t stop at one and asked her to design a whole ‘fiesta’ (we think that’s the collective noun).
We hope you love the design as much as we do. We think we can feel a tiny hint of spring in the air, so we’ve started to think about our garden and
what we will grow this year. For now, we prefer the thought of being cosy indoors with a bit of stitching. Faye Walsh brings us the best of both worlds with her gardening sampler. Turn to page 18 to do a bit of armchair gardening yourself.
Happy stitching!

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